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Afternoon Practice Sessions

Enhance your off-road adventure motorcycling skills with our dedicated afternoon practice sessions. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for riders to reinforce and build upon the skills learned during training. By spending additional time on the MotoVenue terrain course, you can improve your retention of up to 80% of the techniques taught in our programs. Ideal for honing your abilities and boosting confidence, our afternoon practice sessions are perfect for riders looking to refine their skills in a focused, supportive environment.

Join us and take your off-road riding to the next level!

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Booking your MotoVenue adventure bike training experience is simple: Choose the amount of training you'd like below, you'll then be directed to the dates available to schedule.

Our Trailblazer Themed Training Days

Trailblazer All-Terrain Day

Experience thrilling on-bike training focused on new and returning riders transitioning to off-road. Open to all skill levels, this day is perfect for those who want to turn their street riding experience into off-road confidence. Our expert instructors will guide you through essential off-road skills on various terrains, including gravel, sand, and dirt trails. Build your confidence and competence in a supportive and exciting environment. Discover More

Trailblazer Off-Road Only Day

Boost your confidence and elevate your riding skills with our off-road training designed to develop foundation skills and beyond. Navigate rugged terrains with ease and precision. This day is open to riders with skill levels from intermediate to advanced, focusing on mastering off-road conditions such as mud, gravel, and rocky paths. Our expert instructors will help you advance your techniques and reach new levels of riding. Discover More

Trailblazer Adventure Day

Embark on challenging Backcountry Discovery Route and off-road adventure touring training. Develop the leadership skills to successfully manage outdoor risks and travel safely on ADV motorcycles off-highway. This day is perfect for riders looking to tackle deep sand, loose gravel, steep inclines, and more challenging terrains. Our expert instructors will prepare you for safely completing your dream backcountry discovery route. Discover More

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