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MotoVenue Des Moines,  Adventure Bike Training School

Welcome to MotoVenue Des Moines: Your Adventure Riding Academy

Embark on an unforgettable journey with MotoVenue Des Moines, the premier destination for adventure motorcycle training in Iowa. Specializing in equipping riders with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to conquer any terrain, MotoVenue stands as the hub of adventure motorcycling & training in the Midwestern United States. Join us to unleash your potential and explore the beauty of Iowa on two wheels.

Come Train with us @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway

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Adventure Bike Courses by MotoVenue
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Why Choose MotoVenue Des Moines for Adventure Riding?

  • Customized Training Programs: Our courses cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders, focusing on the unique challenges of Midwestern terrains.

  • Explore Iowa's Diverse Landscapes: Train in settings that range from the rolling farmlands to the scenic river valleys, perfect for adventure riding.

  • Community of Passionate Riders: Be part of an enthusiastic group of riders, sharing experiences and embarking on exciting group adventures.

Our Adventure Riding Programs

Off-Road Riding Skills

  • Develop solid skills for navigating through Iowa’s diverse off-road conditions, including rural trails and rugged landscapes.

Advanced Riding Techniques

  • Learn to handle challenging situations with advanced techniques tailored for adventure riding.

Navigation and Route Planning

  • Master the art of strategic planning and navigation for enjoyable and safe motorcycle tours.

Motorcycle Maintenance Knowledge

  • Gain essential insights into maintaining and repairing your motorcycle, a must-have skill for any adventurer.

Safety and Emergency Training

  • Prioritize safety with our courses focusing on risk management, emergency response, and first aid.

Gear Up for Adventure

  • Discover our expertise in recommending the best selection of high-quality adventure riding gear and accessories, from protective equipment to advanced navigation tools to help you on any adventure.

Join the MotoVenue Des Moines Community

  • Engage with our vibrant community through regular rides, workshops, and social events. Share your adventures and learn from fellow enthusiasts.

Start Your Adventure Riding Journey

  • Interested in adventure motorcycle riding? Contact MotoVenue Des Moines for our training schedules, community events, and to begin your journey into the thrilling world of adventure riding.

Why Choose MotoVenue

Explore Our Rider Courses


Our one-day, two days, and full weekend programs, participants will engage in both practical riding sessions and interactive discussions at our specialized dirt-track, terrain-area, single-track, trail-riding, skills-areas, road-course, and race track facility at Blackhawk Farms. Tailored for those who possess an Adventure (ADV) or Dual-Purpose motorcycle, our courses focuse on imparting a set of 15 essential off-road skills. Key areas of instruction include navigating surfaces with reduced traction, honing critical body positioning techniques, and mastering active control skills essential for off-road riding. Ideal for riders who are already licensed and have some street riding experience with their ADV or Dual-Purpose motorcycles, our courses do not require any previous experience in off-road settings. A valid motorcycle license is the only prerequisite for joining this transformative riding experience at MotoVenue.

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