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Friendly Rider Coach's 

"Welcome to MotoVenue, where a passion for adventure riding and a commitment to excellence define our team. At the helm of our instructional cadre is Jovani Roa, our Director of Training, whose diverse experiences shape the heart of our courses.

Don Gaconnet

Founder of MotoVenue


Jovani Roa

Director of Training MotoVenue


Craig Johnson

Director of Support MotoVenue


Welcome to MotoVenue, where our commitment to excellence is manifested through our exceptional coaching team. Under the leadership of our esteemed Director of Training, Jovani Roa, and the guidance of Craig Johnson, our Director of Support, we offer a comprehensive and enriching training experience.


Jovani Roa, renowned for his meticulous discipline combined with a vibrant passion for dual-sport and adventure motorcycling, sets a high standard for our entire team. His dedication to adventure riding not only motivates but is also integral to our training ethos.


Craig Johnson, as our Director of Support, ensures that every aspect of your experience with us is seamless and supportive. From the moment you join us, Craig and his team work tirelessly to provide the support and resources necessary for your success, enhancing the overall learning journey.


Our instructors, each bringing years of on-road and off-road experience, are the backbone of MotoVenue. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to the richness of our programs, and as certified motorcycle safety instructors, they uphold the highest standards of training and safety.


The expertise within our team encompasses more than just riding skills. From selecting the right gear and understanding camping essentials to maintaining physical fitness for long journeys, we ensure you're prepared for every aspect of adventure riding.


Our certified MSF Coaches, selected for their proficiency in various riding styles and environments, have led tours worldwide and possess deep technical knowledge. This diversity ensures our training remains practical, relevant, and of the highest quality.


At MotoVenue, we believe learning is an adventure. Our instructors mentor, inspire, and empower, fostering a community where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is encouraged to explore with confidence. Under the guidance of Jovani, Craig, and our skilled instructors, your riding experience will be transformed.


Join the MotoVenue family for an unforgettable journey. Here, you'll learn not just to ride, but to embrace the world on two wheels with skill, confidence, and a spirit of adventure, supported by a team that values teaching, mentorship, and the endless pursuit of motorcycling excellence.

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