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Our Community Success Stories 


Welcome to the heart of MotoVenue, where stories of adventure, growth, and accomplishment converge. Our Success Stories page is a testament to the transformative experiences of our alumni. From conquering rugged terrains to mastering advanced riding techniques, each story is a unique journey filled with challenges, learning, and the thrill of adventure motorcycling.

Dive into the narratives of individuals who started as students and emerged as confident, skilled adventure riders. Their journeys illustrate not just the impact of our training courses, but also the unyielding spirit of the adventure riding community. Whether it's a tale of a first-time off-road rider or an experienced motorcyclist discovering new heights, these stories are sure to inspire and ignite your passion for adventure riding."

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Michael Nareski 

Road Track and Trail

"We had a great time at the MotoVenue ADV Experience, top-notch! From the Raceway itself to the trained professionals there to guide you along the way. They had every avenue covered. Strong emphasis on safety, highlighting progressive technique to become versed on all-terrain. Outside of time spent on the bike & learning new skill sets, it was the fellowship that set it apart. Good people. Thank you, Don, and the rest of the team. Can't wait for the next MotoVenue"

Triumph of Waukesha WI

Premier Wisconsin Triumph Dealship 


Triumph Waukesha would like to share with everyone out there with an interest in dual sport and adventure bikes the incredible experience had on Friday at the first ever Full Access Adventure Course hosted by the new entity, Moto Venue, at Blackhawk Farms in Beloit.

With our day's admission we had sessions on the road course, off road skills assessment course, special terrain sections and lastly a half hour trail ride through the woods. The whole time there was a deliberate progression occurring that seamlessly increased and compounded the individual rider's skill set. 

For a first run of a new program, everything went off without incident aided primarily by an extremely skilled and experienced staff of rider coaches. Nobody was asked to do something they were not comfortable with and there were turnout options at every obstacle if the rider was not comfortable. Rider safety was definitely something that was not overlooked.

If you are looking for the complete experience of a dual sport or Back-country Discovery Route experience but do not have the time to travel states away to make it happen, this is for you. If you are looking for the peacefulness of a moto camping ride, take advantage of the free overnight camping available as part of the ride like about half of the day's attendees did.

We feel so strongly that this is the type of event that will inspire people to take up adventure riding that Triumph Waukesha will include one event registration with every new Tiger 900, Tiger 1200 and Scrambler 1200 purchased before the remaining 2 events on the Moto Venue 2023 schedule.

Dmitry Pavlovsky

Adventure Rider / TopSpeed Writer 


"Loved it. Had a blast. Staff was exceptional, down to earth and knowledgeable... The riding was great... on a paved track then all the adv stuff like dirt, obstacles, water, hills and single track riding. Can't recommend enough if you want to learn off road riding on your bike in a safe, controlled environment."

Mark Kandray

Certified MSF Instructor


I highly recommend MotoVenue training! Being a MSF instructor certified in their Adventure Bike Course, and have taken other off-road training, this training takes you to another level. It’s unique in that you start on the track with body position which transitions perfectly to the off-road training. Their obstacles section is top notch. Not to mention the instructors and staff, highly trained accomplished, personable and professional, they put the icing on the cake. If you’re looking for great training at a unique venue, great instructors, staff and a whole lot of fun you just can’t beat it!
Mark Kandray

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