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Don Gaconnet

Founder of MotoVenue


Don Gaconnet: Motorcycle Instructor with a Blend of High-Octane Riding and Wilderness Expertise


Don Gaconnet's adventure on two wheels began at age five with a tomcat mini-bike, sparking a lifelong passion for motorcycling. His early years were immersed in BMX racing, which evolved into a serious pursuit of mountain biking, reflecting his affinity for challenging and diverse terrains.


In California's deserts, Don mastered the art of riding dirtbikes and ATVs, navigating through harsh landscapes with skill and precision. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, he embraced the rugged beauty of its forests and logging trails, using them as his proving grounds for after-school explorations. The region's beaches and sand dunes also provided a unique backdrop for honing his off-road riding capabilities.


Transitioning to road riding with a Honda 185 Twin-star, Don discovered the exhilarating world of mountain road riding, which soon led him to sportbikes and track days on FZR600s at prestigious racing circuits like Willow Springs Raceway and Portland International Raceway.


Beyond his expertise on the road and track, Don is an accomplished outdoorsman with extensive experience in backcountry mountaineering and remote backpacking. His skills in rustic camping and remote navigation are a testament to his deep connection with the natural world. This unique blend of high-octane motorcycling and wilderness survival skills makes Don a remarkably versatile instructor, offering insights that extend beyond traditional riding techniques.


With his diverse background in off-road adventures, expert-level road and track riding, and wilderness exploration, Don Gaconnet is not just an instructor but a mentor who embodies the adventurous spirit of motorcycling. He is passionately dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with riders and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

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