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Trailblazer Adventure Sport Touring Course

Discover the exciting fusion of adventure motorcycling and sporty riding with our Trailblazer Sport motorcycle course. This specialized program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently handle adventure motorcycles at sporty MotoVenue speeds within a closed course environment. Through a combination of on-bike sessions on the race track and road skills courses, you'll explore the intricacies of adventure riding with motorcycles of varying weights, wheel sizes, long-travel suspensions, and rider heights. Must be a level 2 rider or above. 

Come ride with us @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway

Adventure Sport Touring Experience

Trailblazer Sport Touring:

Adventure Riding at Sporty Speeds: Experience the thrill of adventure riding at sporty MotoVenue speeds, mastering the balance between agility and control on diverse paved race track at Blackhawk Farms Raceway.

Closed Course Environment: Our course provides a controlled and safe environment for you to hone your skills, ensuring you can handle adventure motorcycles with precision and confidence.

Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about adventure and sporty riding. They'll provide personalized guidance, helping you refine your techniques.

Variety of Motorcycles: Explore the intricacies of riding adventure motorcycles with different weights, wheel sizes, long travel suspensions, and rider heights. Develop the skills to adapt to various bike characteristics.

On-Bike Race Track Sessions: Experience the thrill of on-bike sessions on the race track, where you'll learn to push the limits of your motorcycle while maintaining control and safety.

Road Skills Courses: Gain valuable road skills that are essential for adventure riding at sporty speeds. Enhance your road awareness, maneuvering techniques, and safety measures.


Enhanced Confidence: With our Trailblazer Sport course, you'll boost your confidence and skill set, making you a more capable and self-assured rider on adventure motorcycles.

Adventure Bike Specific: This is an adventure bike training course. No other types of motorcycles are allowed. While we ride at "Sporty Speeds" this isn't a sport bike track day. Our riding techniques are specific for adventure motorcycles weight, long suspension travels, 50/50 tires, larger front wheel sizes, upright rider positions, protective riding gear choices, and top-heavy motorcycle handling characteristics. * We recommend you contact a local sport bike track day company for all your sport riding needs.

Ready to elevate your adventure riding skills at sporty MotoVenue speeds? Join our Trailblazer Sport motorcycle course today and discover the thrill of mastering adventure motorcycles in a closed course environment. Gain confidence, refine your techniques, and embrace a new level of riding expertise.

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