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Midwest Premiere Adventure Bike Training

MotoVenue has met the need for a national level Adventure Motorcycle Training Facility for the Midwestern States. Train locally on your own bike and save!  

Amazing Amenities for Adventure Touring Off-Road


Experience Backcountry Adventure

Unparalleled Motorcycle Adventure Tour Training and Elevated Amenities

At MotoVenue, we specialize in delivering top-tier adventure motorcycle tour training, covering both on-road and off-road techniques.


Our dedicated courses are meticulously crafted for riders eager to elevate their touring skills and overall motorcycle proficiency. In addition to our expert training programs, we go the extra mile by offering a range of premium amenities that are designed to enhance your learning experience, making it comfortable, convenient, and comprehensive.

Our commitment to your adventure doesn't end on the trails; it extends to providing you with an all-encompassing Backcountry adventure experience that combines exceptional training with top-notch amenities.

Onsite Amenities

Blackhawk Farms Raceway....

MotoVenue's Base of Operations

Motorcycle Training and Courses

  • On-Road and Off-Road Training: Master the art of motorcycle riding on diverse terrains with our specialized on-road and off-road training courses.

  • Touring Training: Enhance your long-distance riding skills with our touring training programs, designed for both beginners and experienced riders.

  • Motorcycle Skills Development: Advance your riding techniques and confidence through our structured motorcycle skills development courses.

  • 1.98 Mile Paved Race Track

  • Terrain Course with water feature

  • Skills Courses for both on-pavement and off-road

  • Single-Track Course designed for adventure motorcycles of all sizes

  • Trail Course filled with natural beauty, quiet, and amazing scenery of Midwestern forest, grasses, marshes, ponds, and meadows. 

Lodging and Accommodation

  • Nearby Lodging: Choose from a variety of hotels and motels in Beloit, WI, and Rockford, IL, for convenient and comfortable accommodation close to our venue.

  • On-Site Camping: Immerse yourself in the action with our on-site camping facilities. Stay close to the action and enjoy the ease of access to all our courses.

Guest Comforts

  • Warm Showers and Clean Restrooms: After a day of adventure, refresh yourself with our warm showers and well-maintained restroom facilities.

  • Electric Hookup: We offer electric hookups for your camping needs, including 50 amp, 30 amp, and 20 amp services.

Garage and Storage Facilities

  • Garage and Overhead Space Reservations: Reserve your personal garage or overhead space in advance to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Pet-Friendly Environment

  • Bring Your Furry Friends: Your dogs are welcome here, but please keep them leashed and well-contained for their safety and the comfort of other guests.

Fuel and Fire Services

  • Fuel Availability: We provide Sunoco race fuel in various octanes to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

  • Campfire Zones: Enjoy a cozy campfire in our designated areas, ensuring safety and a great outdoor experience.

Unique Accessibility

  • Airport Accessibility: Fly directly to our venue with Blackhawk Farms Airport, accommodating small planes on our well-maintained, unmanned grass runway.

  • Professional Safety Services: At MotoVenue, we hold the safety and well-being of our riders in the highest regard. Our facility is equipped with essential safety measures to ensure a secure environment. This includes immediate response and care in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

  • Secure and Monitored Premises: Enjoy your adventure with peace of mind, knowing that our facility is secure and constantly monitored.

Dining and Refreshments

  • Café Fastee: Refuel with delicious meals and refreshments at our onsite concession stand, offering quality food that is included with each two day adventure motorcycle training course

Explore Our Diverse Courses

  • Tail-Course, Trail-Riding, and Single-Track Course: Traverse through varying terrains and embrace the natural beauty.

  • Road-Course and Race-Track: Test your limits on our professionally designed tracks, perfect for both beginners and seasoned racers.

  • Skills-Course and Terrain-Course: Challenge your abilities and hone your skills on our specialized courses.

More to Explore

  • Visit our website for detailed information about event schedules, special offerings, and to make your reservations today.

your adventure bike touring training destination awaits!


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