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Trailblazer Adventure

Trailblazer Adventure: 1.5-Day Off-Road Motorcycle Training & Camping Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Trailblazer Adventure's 1.5-Day Off-Road Motorcycle Training and Camping Experience. Perfect for beginners and seasoned riders alike, our course is designed to enhance your riding skills in real-world off-road conditions. Spend your day conquering various terrains under the guidance of our expert instructors, and enjoy a night of camaraderie and camping under the stars. With a focus on practical skills, safety, and fun, we're here to equip you with the confidence to take on any adventure that calls.

Join Trailblazer Adventure for an exhilarating 1.5-day off-road motorcycle training and camping experience. Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills or dive into off-road riding for the first time, our expert-led training covers everything from basic techniques to advanced terrain navigation. Cap off an intense day of learning with a peaceful night of camping in the great outdoors. Gear up for an adventure that combines learning, practice, and the beauty of nature.

Trailblazer Adventure will be available June 2024

Explore Our Trailblazer Courses



Thrilling 1 day on-bike training focused on new and returning riders making the transition to riding off-road. For all skill levels of riders.



Rugged 1 day on-bike training focused on off-road progressive skills training on our terrain course, trails, and single-track. 


Trailblazer Adventure

Accelerated 1.5 day on-bike training and practice transition to off-road and advanced off-road with overnight off-bike camping.


Trailblazer Backcountry

Challenging three day backcountry discovery route BDR preparation training of on-bike, classroom, & practice sessions


Trailblazer Practice

Afternoon 4 hour off-road adventure bike practice session to hone your adventure skills - No training required to attend. All skill levels welcome.

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