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MotoVenue Training Center
Blackhawk Farms Raceway
15538 Prairie Rd, 
South Beloit, IL 61080

+1(262) 207-4377 office and support


Discover Our Premier Single-Day, Dirt-Focused Training for Dual-Purpose and Adventure Bike Motorcycles. MotoVenue offers an exclusive off-road courses in the hub of the Midwest, tailored for riders of all skill levels eager to master both on-road and off-road ADV motorcycle skills. Our training emphasizes safe and thrilling adventure touring on challenging low-traction surfaces. Learn essential techniques for confidently navigating off-road terrain, from body positioning and line selection to advanced traction control.


MotoVenue: The Heart of The Midwest - Begin on the ultimate journey with MotoVenue! Adventure motorcycling is a call to explore both the on-road and off-road wonders of the world. Whether you're cruising on highways or navigating rugged trails, our comprehensive ADV motorcycle training prepares you for every adventure. Join our community of enthusiasts and transform your motorcycle rides into extraordinary experiences.

Chicago, Illinois: "Embark on your journey with top-tier Adventure Motorcycle Training at MotoVenue, conveniently located for Chicago's riding enthusiasts. Our expert-led courses offer an adrenaline rush akin to the Magnificent Mile's vibrancy, positioning us as Chicago's premier destination for riders aiming to enhance their off-road skills. From the heart of the Windy City, MotoVenue is your launchpad for an epic adventure motorcycle experience."

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: "Milwaukee's vibrant Lakefront and Harley-Davidson heritage are just the beginning. For riders craving the pinnacle of Adventure Motorcycle Training, MotoVenue in Illinois is an easy ride away. Our courses are meticulously designed to quench your thrill-seeking desires, beckoning Milwaukee adventurers to join the elite at MotoVenue for an unrivaled riding education."

Indianapolis, Indiana: "Leave the Speedway behind for the expansive courses at MotoVenue, where Adventure Motorcycle Training meets Indiana's rich racing culture. A journey from Indianapolis to our Illinois venue is a ride towards mastery, with tailored courses that reflect a true Midwestern spirit. Moto enthusiasts from Indy, find your community and your calling at MotoVenue." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events 

Des Moines, Iowa: "Adventure Motorcycle Training at MotoVenue is a Midwestern odyssey, situated within reach of Des Moines' adventurers. Journey through Iowa's picturesque landscapes to our Illinois location, where you'll elevate your riding amidst the golden fields and beyond. MotoVenue is the beacon for Des Moines riders seeking a transformative training experience." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

Detroit, Michigan: "Detroit's motor history resonates with the spirit of MotoVenue, where Adventure Motorcycle Training is a tribute to Motor City's legacy. Illinois may be a ride away, but it's a journey worth taking for Detroit riders looking to connect with the open road. Join the MotoVenue family for a riding experience that honors Detroit’s rich automotive tradition." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

Minneapolis, Minnesota: "MotoVenue in Illinois is the destination for Minneapolis riders pursuing unmatched Adventure Motorcycle Training. Traverse the scenic byways from the Twin Cities to our expert-led courses, where Minnesota's passion for the great outdoors meets the thrill of adventure riding. Your quest for excellence on two wheels starts at MotoVenue." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

Kansas City, Missouri: "Heartland riders, the Adventure Motorcycle Training you seek is flourishing at MotoVenue in Illinois. Missouri's spirit of exploration is mirrored in our specialized courses, offering Kansas City riders a new horizon to conquer. Let the journey from KC to MotoVenue be your gateway to adventure and mastery." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

Columbus, Ohio: "Columbus, where adventure is a part of the cityscape, your route to exceptional Adventure Motorcycle Training leads to MotoVenue in Illinois. Our courses are designed to ignite that sense of discovery, offering Columbus riders a transformative experience. Embrace a new level of riding with MotoVenue, where every mile is a promise of growth and thrill."

Louisville, Kentucky: "For Louisville's adventurers, MotoVenue heralds the ultimate Adventure Motorcycle Training experience just north in Illinois. Cross the state boundary and immerse yourself in a training experience that matches the grandeur of Churchill Downs. Kentucky's riding aficionados, join us at MotoVenue to become part of a storied tradition of riders." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

Nashville, Tennessee: "Nashville's vibrant streets and rolling hills inspire a sense of adventure that's perfectly matched by MotoVenue's premier motorcycle training in Illinois. Just a ride up from Music City, our Illinois-based courses offer Nashville riders an unparalleled journey into the world of adventure biking. Whether you’re cruising down Broadway or winding through the Smokies, the skills you’ll hone at MotoVenue will elevate your ride to an epic soundtrack. Join us from Nashville for an adventure motorcycle training experience that hits all the right notes." Currently Seeking Staff For Venue & Events

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