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Event Day Registration Procedures

Are you ready to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? Welcome to MotoVenue, where adventure beckons and every moment is an opportunity for discovery. Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Blackhawk Farms Raceway, our off-bike camping and backcountry experience offers a retreat into nature's embrace, just moments away from exhilarating training and practice sessions.

Event Day Registration Process

Registration Hours:

  • Registration opens at 6:00 AM and closes promptly at 8:00 AM on the day of the event. Late arrivals must contact security to gain entry.

  • Note: Gates close at 9:00 PM the night before the event. Make arrangements if you plan to arrive after this time.

Entry Procedure:

  1. Upon arrival, turn off Prairie Road into the Blackhawk Farms Raceway entrance road, maintaining a speed limit of 15 MPH.

  2. Pull over to the right at the first building encountered. Form a single file line on the right side of the road and avoid blocking traffic.

  3. The first building is the registration center. Here, you will:

    • Register for the MotoVenue event(s).

    • Present your license.

    • Sign the required waivers for entry into Blackhawk Facilities. Entry is contingent upon waiver completion.

    • Receive a colored bracelet, matching helmet tape with your name, and event handouts upon waiver signing.

Facility Access:

  • After completing registration, present your bracelet to security for entry.

  • If leaving the facilities for any reason, you must present your bracelet for re-entry.

Motorcycle Entry Options:

  1. On-Bike Entry:

    • Option One: Ride to the designated staging area corresponding to your bracelet color on the MotoVenue Operations Map.

    • Option Two: Off-bike camping. Proceed to the "entrance to off-bike camping" double gates and locate your designated camping space on the camp map.

    • Option Three: Trailer parking. Proceed to the auto parking & trailer camping area specified on the operations map. Be mindful of limited space and follow staff directions for appropriate parking.

Preparation and Hydration:

  • Prepare for the day's events by ensuring your motorcycle and gear are ready in the staging area.

  • Hydration is crucial. Drink more water than usual to maintain optimal mental and physical performance during training.

Bike Preparation:

  • Ensure your motorcycle is in top running condition before participating in the event. Regular maintenance checks, including oil, brakes, and chain, are recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • Large panniers and top boxes should be removed prior to riding the “Off-Road” courses to ensure maneuverability and safety.

  • Tires should be suitable for riding the course, with a minimum requirement of 50/50 tires. Avoid excessively worn tires or those unsuitable for off-road conditions to maintain traction and control during the event.

Additional Information:

  • Safety Briefing: A mandatory safety briefing will be conducted in the mornings before the start of the event and after lunch breaks. All participants must attend to review important rules, regulations, and safety guidelines.

  • Medical Support: On-site medical support is available during the events to assist with any injuries or emergencies.

  • Equipment Requirements: Equipment requirements are detailed on the handouts provided during registration. Please review and ensure you have all necessary gear for the event.

  • Schedule and Agenda: The schedule and agenda for the event are provided on the handouts distributed during registration. Please refer to these documents for information about training sessions, workshops, and other activities planned for the day.

  • Trash and Cleanliness: Please respect the Blackhawk Farms facility by disposing of trash properly and keeping the area clean. Pack out what you bring in and leave everything in a better state than you found it. Do not enter the training courses to exit; follow signage to designated exit points.

  • Overnight Camping Assistance: For campers in need of assistance or facing access issues, please call 262-207-4377 for emergencies or access assistance.

Important Notes:

  • No open free riding is permitted. Riding outside of structured group areas, especially on the paved race track, will result in immediate removal from the facilities with no refund and potential banning from Blackhawk Farms and MotoVenue courses.

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